Helping Mission Without Borders

I enjoy the prayer group I’m part of. We meet once a week, for prayer and practical aide to charity. We knit Peggy Squares, which then have a crocheted border added, and then are crocheted together into a blanket.

Once a year, Operation Coverup (part of Mission Without Borders NZ) groups meet up to sort and pack all the gifts made or bought and donated. What a delight it was to see for the first time how generous our people have been. Spread over the backs of the pews were sample blankets from every group. Piled on tables in the next room were more blankets, three-piece sets (of hat, scarf, and gloves or mittens), extra scarves, hats and gloves or mittens, children’s jumpers and cardigans.

And a table piled with donated items for the children’s school supplies: backpacks, exercise books, note pads, pens, pencils, crayons, colouring books… You name anything in any child’s school pack, and it was there.

Once everything is packed (each box or bag labelled with what’s inside and the quantity) and loaded into the truck, they travel to Auckland, to be added to by items from other NZ areas,  and packed into bales which are weighed and packed into two containers. The containers are shipped to Europe, ending in Germany. There the containers are unloaded, and added to items donated from other nations.

MWB/Operation Coverup add packaged food, gardening supplies – including seeds. Some people receive a sewing machines, and supplies, to start their own small business.
MWB also give Bibles (written in the recipients’ language), and run summer camps for the children.

After some time with the group, I found I was able to donate to MWB, and did so. The to me, small amount I gave is enough to give an elderly person warm clothing for winter.

MWB/Operation Coverup NZ have a Page on Facebook
as have many other nations’ operations.

Soon to follow…

  • pics from the six ex-Soviet nations MWB helps,
  • pics of some of my prayer group’s work

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