I shoulda learned by now…

Last year I resumed knitting – after a forty-odd year gap. I found my first efforts more difficult than I remembered from 1979. But the grip on the needles and yarn was a tad clumsy at first. I knitted to create peggy squares… Fairly straightforward – DK wool, 40 stitches on 4.00 mm needles, and garter stitch to reach c. 19.5-20 cms. The squares then get crocheted borders (I’ve done a few of those),


then get crocheted together into strips, which then get joined to make blankets.
The blankets go to NZ’s Operation Cover Up for Mission Without Borders.
Three squares made it into the first completed blanket after I joined…blanket 1-my squares However, I managed to improve… tried fancy colour combos… found a cheap source of second-hand wool…
peggy square progressThe knitting group is now on a break over our summer holidays – eight weeks, to match the annual school holidays. I’ve plugged on. But yesterday, O M Stars! I found another disaster. First, let me show you the first two, which came about shortly after I bought Ruby, a miniature Schnauzer. Eighteen months old when we took her in.
My son was visiting, and found the first spread over the lounge floor; the second was found spread across the back lawn…

I dread the thought of untangling those. But, worse! Here’s a pic of a ball of red-n-black wool, and a square it should become…

But…   This:

Note: Video (c) Lynne Street, Rotorua, 2019 Jan


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