“Tower” – publish/perform? #1

My Lady stands lonely, high in her new castle tower,
Watching the scenes down below in the courtyard

Woman In Tower_rahab_the_harlot
Artist unknown

Where courtiers and knights play their games of power
All under the sharp eyes of the watchful guard.

She shifts her gaze around to the surrounding town
Following movements of traders, servants, common people;
She glimpses the bald, aged priest as he moves through the streets
And enters the church overlooked by its steeple.

Her eye catches a young lass dressed brightly, with flowers,
Walking away from the green parkland way over there, yonder.
My lady can see there a stone-and-beam bower;
She envies the freedom of townsfolk to wander.

She asks for a guard to escort her out, make certain she’s safe
Away from the castle, through town to the park and its bower,
To select colourful,  perfumed blooms, blossoms – a bouquet
To carry as treasure, with pleasure back to her room in the tower.

Please leave your suggestion – Should I/Could I
Perform or Publish this poem?
Your Comment will mean more to me than a repost or a like.



  1. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Work on something that sounds like the language you use in everyday conversation. Try and see if you can stretch that everyday language into multiple meanings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • This poem was written as a response to a photograph “starter” challenge; though not the pic shown. While not my own preferred style, it did get my lecturer’s approval. {Heheh…}
      I appreciate your comment as it is “real” and well intentioned. Thank you


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