Creative Writing via Distance Learning – Three New Zealand Options

Many NZ learning institutes have scheduled Creative Writing courses within their Qualifications courses. Listed here are three that can be studied from home, without enrolling for a degree programme.

logo_MasseyUniversity139.123 Creative Writing I. Students learn the fundamental elements of craft, such as metaphor, structure and plot, through the close reading of published poetry and fiction, through their own practice as creative writers, and through providing and receiving workshop feedback.
Start Date: Monday 25 February, 2019; End date: Sunday 23 June, 2019
Estimated Course fees for 2019 –
Domestic Students: NZD $845.60; International Students NZD $3,962.50

logo_NZ Institute Business Studies   Creative Writing Course. Sixteen tutorials show how to write short stories, long stories, novella, non-fiction stories, personal journal, biography, someone’s life story, stories for children, plays, poetry.
Start Date: 4 March 2019;
Course fee for 2019 is NZD $1895. Fees cover twelve months

logo_NZ Writers CollegeBasics of Creative Writing. This online course teaches the vital skills required to master the art of creative writing, namely dialogue, action and description. Learn how to balance these elements in writing, how to introduce mood and tension, and how to write scenes that read professionally. A gateway course to further writing growth, if desired.
Start date any time; Completion date within four months
Cost: NZD $745.00 GST inclusive.

Note: I studied online for my Diploma in Applied (Creative) Writing
at an institute which no longer offers that course.
The above three I have selected for their ease of access,
and future students are advised to follow the links and research the availability of help, and any options, before committing to any one in particular.



  1. Hi, Thanks for sharing the information. I am actually looking for a good institute to persue creative writing. One question…would these colleges have a scholarship program to offer to international students?


    • Almost all technical colleges (also known as polytechnics and/or institutes of technology) accept international student enrolments.
      New Zealand has a strict policy regarding immigration for tertiary studies. I suggest you check online re the policy, ensure your written and spoken English is the best possible level, that you have a definite career plan for the three or four years of study, and find the most appropriate institute by searching online.
      Most institutes allow enrolment from overseas via online forms, but there are papers to have signed in your own country, and legal commitments to agree to.


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