Aue! My Heart! – Publish or Perform #4

Once I had a real heart, but it’s now turned to glass.
The world can see my pain, my resentment, my dread
Growing inside as over time your tenderness has fled.

Would that my heart had hardened to resilient brass –
Strong, golden sun-coloured, firm, unbreakable.
In light of your scorn and contempt would it were unshakable.
But with each brutal word, each remark so crass
Your glare penetrates my soul, you stare into my heart
And with careless cutting cruelty your words rip me apart.

For my heart, once also filled with tenderness
Has frozen over time into glass that you’ve now shattered
And the feelings, once all yours now lie upon the floor, scattered.
One day you may realise the knife-edge of words of carelessness;
If you look back and see my once tender love for you torn to tatters
And tenderness bled. You’re marked with my heart’s blood spatters.

Please leave your suggestion – Should I/Could I
Perform or Publish this poem?
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