Acrostic poems aren’t only for children

In junior classes, many teachers “introduce poetry writing” with SoftFocusSepia_IMG_20170115_080654
the acrostic form, with a single word for each letter in either the
child’s name or in a word taken from a topic. As they move up in the school, the Acrostic gets “left behind” as being too juvenile a form for older pupils. This acrostic was written as a challenge – to use our full name – set in c. 2010.

Laid low too many times, wanting back my
Youth, when cares were mine alone.
No responsibility for family or friends,
No limits on how my own money or time I spent.
Ended my youth with marriage and children.

Melanoma on my ankle, one or two on back and arm, removed –
Cut out by skin specialist. Then plastic surgeon – the ankle ‘re-excision’.
And then metastatic lumps in groin lymph nodes –
Numerous excisions; then removed was the whole cluster, and radio therapy.
Unexpectedly it metastasised into the spine – the T6 vertebra –
Leaving me barely able to stand upright for the school day.
Then home to lie on hands and knees over the low coffee table
Yearning for pain relief.

Swift trip to Palmerston North Oncology for
Therapies – daily radio waves which also removed the pain;
Repeated weekly, Napier hospital for chemotherapy in the dark;
Every second day, Interferon self-injections for over two years.
Eventually it’s in remission – yay! Then they tell me in 2007
They’d thought I’d be dead by Y2K – stuff them, I’m still alive today!

Definitely not for a formal publication, but some of the poets among you may like taking up the challenge too.

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