Youth Day Out @ GeyserCon, Rotorua

GeyserCon Festival 2019, Rotorua
Youth Day Out, Friday 31st May
Location:​​ Holiday Inn Rotorua

Young NZ Writers is excited to invite you to join us at GeyserCon!
The Young NZ Writers’ Day Out (on Friday 31st May 2019) will have a full day of writing workshops aimed at intermediate and secondary school students. 

For the first time, there will be a special writing event for our youngest writers in years 5 and 6 (only open to local Rotorua Primary schools) and PD opportunities for teachers who attend.

Young NZ writers were invited to enter the 2019 annual writing competitions for intermediate and secondary students (closed midnight on 15th March)
Finalists will be awarded prizes at the book launch at the end of the day.

Contact or visit for more details.

Professional Development for Teachers (and parents)
Facilitators: Jean Gilbert. |. Chad Dick
This writing course for adults will help those who attend gain an understanding of the fundamentals of storytelling. It is aimed mainly at teachers and parents who want to help young students to improve their creative writing, particularly of short stories.
Over four sessions, the programme will cover topics such as ‘story structure’, ‘characters and conflict’, ‘show, don’t tell’, and ‘what to do after the first draft is complete’.
The purpose is not only to help the attendees understand the process of good storytelling, but also to explore ways to help them pass this knowledge on to their students.

09:00am: Session 1: Story Structure (45 minutes)
10:00am: Session 2: Characters and Conflict (45 minutes)
11:15pm: Session 3: Show, Don’t Tell (45 minutes)
12:15pm: Session 4: What to do after the first draft is complete (45 minutes)
Day finish by 1:00pm


I am so pleased to know Lee and Piper, of Tauranga – the two co-conveners…

portrait_Lee MurrayProgramme Director, Youth Day Out Co-Convener – Lee Murray
Award-winning writer and editor, Lee Murray’s job is to juggle the programming to make sure there is something to interest everyone. She’s well-placed to do this, having organised scientific conferences once upon a time in her professional life, and, more recently, she had a practice run as literary stream co-coordinator for Au Contraire III in 2016. A life member of SpecFicNZ and a long-time member of SFFANZ, she’s well-known locally for her community-building work and was awarded a Sir Julius Vogel Award for Services to Science Fiction and Fantasy in 2017. Lee’s from the Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) herself, so she’s looking forward to welcoming GeyserCon guests to the region.
Lee is also co-convenor (with Piper Mejia) of the Youth Day Out being held in conjunction with the convention on Friday 31 May.

Youth Day Out Co-Convener – Piper Mejiaportrait_Piper
Piper Mejia is an advocate for New Zealand writers and literature. Her short fiction has appeared in a range of publications including; Room enough for Two in Te Korero Ahi Ka and Keen in SQ Magazine (2018). In addition to writing, Piper manages the Beyond This… and Write Off Line annual writing competitions for collections by New Zealand intermediate and secondary students. As a child, Piper stayed up late laughing at horror films. As an adult, she spends a lot of time being disappointed by plot holes and yet somehow she has never lost her love for Science Fiction and Horror; two genres that continues to ask the question “What if …”
Young Writer’s Day Out at Geyser Con 2018 is the fifth day of writing workshops for young NZ writers she has run.


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