Predicting G.O.T. final tv episode

Now I will admit, I’ve not yet read George R R Martin’s book/s Song of Ice and Fire.
And I haven’t followed all the character arcs as portrayed in the tele series. But throughout each season, I’ve watched avidly every episode. Last Tuesday, I was glued to the couch in front of the screen and gob-smacked at some characters’ final appearances.

Now spoilers here, but here’s where we are we at this stage

Mad Queen

  • Daenerys has shown signs of angst about Jon Snow’s right to the Iron Throne
  • Jon has said he doesn’t want to rule, although he knows he is the rightful heir
  • Bran may still have a purpose to be revealed
  • Cersei (and her brother Jamie) are dead
  • Arya has learned the futility/perils of her kill list
  • Daenerys has destroyed the very city, King’s Landing, which she claimed the right to rule
  • The city, promised to the Unsullied and the Dothraki, is now nothing
  • The armies brought to the city of the Iron Throne have served their purpose
  • The city’s original population are now very few.
  • The Unsullied will never bear children to repopulate the city

My predictions? (If any of these does happen, it may also be that another one will as well.)

  • The dragon queen will threaten to roast the armies she has brought, or
  • A Dothraki or an Unsullied will kill the last dragon, or
  • The Unsullied will prefer to kill each other off, because their pride will not allow suicide, or
  • King’s Landing will be left to collapse – no one will want to rule, or to live there, and the buildings will be left to fall apart over the coming years, which means
  • Another city and region will rule the six kingdoms, which leaves things open for
  • Jon ruling the Seven Kingdoms from somewhere else, if
  • Someone / something kills Daenerys

Your own theories and guesses are welcome!


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