“Struggling Home” – a hex sonnetta

We’re mates. We all went out
We spent so long at pub
a-gargling from the mugs
of cider, beer and stout,
the land-lord threw us out.
We give ‘im quite a drub.

In dark we trundled home.
To my befuddled brain
The gate catch were a strain.
I struggled in the gloam
to get meself in home –
to get throwed out again!

I’m cold, I’m wet, I sneeze –
O Wife! A cuddle, please?

Form:  Hex Sonnetta.

The Hex Sonnetta consists of two six-line stanzas, and a finishing rhyming couplet
with the following set of rules:
Meter: Iambic Trimeter; Rhyme Scheme:  a/bb/aa/b   c/dd/cc/d   ee


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