Playing around with “Technobabble”

My local writers group run a monthly 200-word challenge — a theme, a key word of phrase or an image — as homework or newsletter piece.
One challenge blocked me – two hundred words of technobabble — until I decided that, as it was a fun piece, it would be “okay” to cheat.
Sure enough, a google search led me to, and their tool, the Technobabble Generator.
Here’s the resulting piece I cobbled together.

“Captain, I’m detecting a frequency undulation in the tactical-shift casing in personnel quarters.”

Krok cursed. Whenever we scan the dorsal magnetic pulse compressor, Doc finds a personnel life support system-quirker! “Go priority four, Doc. We’re manipulating the synthetic globular-pulse cycle. Shut down all support systems. We need all power here.” He closed the voice-operated communications. Personnel could use the zero-point flytronic-transport system.

The door slid open. The ship’s engineer entered the magnetic-pulse generator system compartment. “My module system monitor’s playing up, Captain. I’ve traced it to the solar monitor.”

“Good timing, Darder. Since the audio-magnetic frequency shift in the auxiliary charm-plating, the Communications Officer reported a hostile radio-pulsar vessel, fully armed, is tracking us.”

“A radio-pulsar ship? That means Techno-Vorks! We’re not armed with radio-degaussing Higgs-field inhibitors! This is serious, Captain.”

“I know. Our only hope is to hover in the shadow of a electromag planet big enough to hide in the shadows.”

“Captain!” Darder was horrified. “If we’re without light, this ship is dead!”

“We issue emergency equipment. We wait until the galaxial orbit rotates into conditions to refire the build-up of neutrinos in the molecular-warp centrifuge. The ship will survive until the auto-sensitive generator-modules gain full charge and power up.”
Even though some personnel may not survive the graviton-plasma generator-supercharge on restart

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