Every Movie Starts From a Storyline – I Guess

image from movieweb.com

And here, I’m thinking of the stories behind the Star Wars movie series, and the characters of the Wookie Chewbacca, and the Robot R2D2. I’m wondering how the George Lucas spelled out the dialogue of these two – my favourite two, by the way – in the Original trilogy (1977 thru’ 1983) and the Prequel trilogy (1999 through 2005).
(Lucas had no scripting influence in the Sequel trilogy (2015 through 2019.)

The reason I’m thinking about this is due to my monthly “homework” set by the Rotorua Writers Group. A small collection of published and unpublished writers, with whose company I enjoy. The homework set for our last weekend was, to write a story using the word “wiqueezy”. I had a lot of fun writing this short (200 words) piece, and even more fun reading it aloud … which is what lead me to wonder how Lucas “spelled” Chewbacca’s and R2D2’s dialogue! Here’s my take on it ::


C3PO bustled into the crew lounge, and glanced at the form of Chewbacca, slouching back along one of the padded seats. His face was faded – at least the parts not covered by his long orange fur.

“R2, what’s wrong with Chewbacca?” C3PO’s carefully crafted diplomatic voice rose in tone.

“Oo-er, Poot squee!” squeaked the little robot, his head rotating to and fro, frantically.

“Ngaa urgh!” Chewbacca held his head as he sat up.

“There! Chewbacca says you may.”

“Peet-ah woo-woo Purr bip bop!” R2 beeped.

“He joined the captured Storm troopers?”

“Woo-er. Squa- ping peep duhr woop-woop!”

“He took a gin skin with him!” The protocol robot repeated, astounded.

“Woo-er. Eep bop squaa poop-dep wheet deet!” R2 confirmed

“They all got wiqueezy!?” If C3PO’s voice had a higher tone, none on board had ever heard it before now.

“Woo-er. Eep dit eek brr dip-dip.” R2’s squeaks somehow had an amused tone.

“Chewbacca! You didn’t vomit, did you?”

“Yaargh!” He hid his face behind his furry elbows.

“Well! I hope you cleaned yourself up!

“Oo-er. Mip parp woo-oo.” R2 sounded fed up.

“Oh, poor R2. Chewbacca, you should be ashamed of yourself”

“Raargh?” Chewy uncovered his face and leaned forward.

“Whatever do you mean, ‘What about Luke’?”

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